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Discovering your financial behaviors & beliefs through the BeFi20 brings awareness. There's no wrong, just awareness! We help you align your values with your spending & savings which instills WEALTHY HABITS & fuels your PURPOSEFUL INVESTMENTS.




$elf Discovery
Session #1

BeFi20 Assessment


$elf Discovery
Session #2

Account Inputs

Assess Spending & Saving

$ession #2

Values-based Spending

Create a Wealthy Habits Money Plan

$ession #1

Money View

Introduction to our Money + Investing software

You will receive an overlay to your vision board
so you can see plain as day how your wealthy habits will contribute to your life vision

Plan, Execute, Dream Big!

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How does money planning work?

Your homework after your 1st guided session will involve entering your checking & savings accounts into Orion which is our 3rd party software provider. You will be able to see all of your expenses & savings measures which will help you identify if they align with your values and where you might want to make some adjustments.

What is BeFi20?
BeFi20 is a behavioral assessment designed by PhDs backed by large bodies of research. This is an assessment just to help you uncover some of your beliefs about money & how they may contribute to your spending & savings habits. There is absolutely no "right" or "wrong" it is a spectrum and both sides are "right", it is an awareness exercise & we think you will enjoy seeing the results.

What if I don't want to enter my accounts into Orion?
That is perfectly fine. If you have your own software or have things itemized in a program like excel, just bring that info with you to your next guided session. You will need to log into Orion to take the BeFi assessment but by no means do you have to enter account information.

Is Orion secure?
Orion is ISO/IEC 27001 certified which is the highest security standard in the technology industry. They also have Miscellaneous E&O/Cyber coverage to help alleviate any risk concerns. Be sure to protect your login & password information.

What if I have a lot of debt?
Wealth Esteem is designed as a 3 part process to get to the investment phase. If you have a lot of debt or aren't ready for an investment strategy we may not be the best choice for you at this time. We can certainly recommend a few wonderful Financial Coaches who can help you come up with a debt reduction plan. When you are ready, come on back & we will greet you with a high five & get going on your Wealth Esteem guided journey!

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