WE start with your life

Because isn't this about YOU ?

We start with YOU! Through self-exploration & 2 guided sessions you will uncover your core values to then create your life vision in the 4 quadrants of human flourishing: health, work, play, & relationships.
A beautiful vision for YOUR joyride and YOUR end game.




Self Exploration
Session #1

Find the Time

Eliminate Distractions



Self Exploration
Session #2

Prioritize Your Time

Prototype Your Next 5 Years

Session #2

Create your Life Vision in the 4 quadrants of human flourishing

Session #1

Identify your Core Values

Uncover Your Life & Family Views

your life vision Will Be Turned into art & sent to your home

Manifest, Visualize, Get Excited!

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How do I schedule my sessions?

Once we recieve your signed contract, your workbook(s) will be shipped to your home. We will also email you with links to schedule your sessions. It is important to note that you will want to make sure the pre-work can be completed before your session, to maximize your time with the guide.

How long will this take?
It really depends how much of the introspection you have already done or how convicted you are once you go through the exercises. Finding flow & focus will also help. We estimate that each self-exploration will take 1 hour & each guide session is scheduled for 1 hr.

What if I need more time with the guide?
Your Wealth Esteem guided session includes 6 sessions with guides. If you need more with any of them you are more than welcome to schedule more time HERE. The cost is $149 / session & sessions are 1 hour long.

What does each session entail?
The sessions are a combination of lessons, exercises you will work through with worksheets & live discussions with your guide.

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