Active Investment

Active Investing is like a snowcat on the hunt for fresh tracks. It can navigate & traverse the terrain to help find you the sweetest stash.
Passive Investing is like chairlift skiing, there's 1 path and once you reach the top your fresh tracks are determined by mother nature.

An Investment Philosophy
built on
20 Years of Experience

Our Chief Investment Officer spent his career advising institutions & financial planners on investment strategies. Our models are a culmination of his wealth of experience.

Investment Models
that Suit Your Risk Profile & Purposeful Growth Strategy

*These models will include a discretionary percentage with a portfolio of stocks hand selected & managed by our CIO.
**This model will include a discretionary portion, a portfolio of ETFs hand selected & managed by our CIO.

Core Models

Models are actively managed per the allocation % and Can contain exchange-traded Funds (ETFs), Index Funds, & Mutual Funds

100% Stocks*

Send It!

80% stocks*
20% bonds


60% Stocks*
40% bonds


Impact Models

Same investment philosophy but investments with a focus on social & environmental impact

40% stocks**
60% bonds


80% stocks*
20% bonds

Sustainable Future

20% stocks
80% bonds


60% stocks
40% bonds

Purpose Forward

Generally, stocks are considered to have a higher risk. They can produce higher returns depending on the stock. Bonds are considered to be more conservative, but potentially produce less return.
You will receive a full consultation with our Chief investment officer to determine which one suits you best.

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