Our investment  philosophy

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Based on 20 years of advising and consulting professional money managers

our PM, Frank Grinnell, formulated and honed his own stock & ETF selection strategy


Seeking leaders in the sectors driving tomorrow's growth. And investing in more traditional secular growth companies within technology & healthcare.


Pursuing inexpensive companies on the verge of a multiple expansion event through an inflection in revenue growth, margins, or sector fundamentals that drive a re-rating in the market multiple.


We seek to identify and overweight sectors that benefit from the changing economy.


Opportunistic long positions in volatility and inverse ETFs in an effort to dampen overall volatility in a long-only portfolio.

Our Investment Process

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An inverted pyramid:
Identify Sectors
Stock & ETF Idea Generation
Growth & Value Qualifiers
Allocate & Monitor
IDENTIFY SECTORS | Our intention is to understand exactly where the U.S. is in an economic cycle. We target sectors that benefit with the changing economic situation.
STOCK & ETF IDEA GENERATION | Our pool of potential investments includes publicly traded equities > $250M market cap. Through a process of fundamental, quantitative, and technical research, potential investment candidates are vetted.
GROWTH & VALUE QUALIFIERS | These stocks much portray or be on the cusp of elite industry growth. We target companies with large total addressable markets with anti-competitive moats around their business. We are also interested in scarcity: unmet needs in the market targeted by a unique process, application, or product.
VALUATION | These stocks must meet certain income statement criteria, ex: free cash flow yield of at least 7%. Further, we are looking for catalysts to warrant a rerating; change in management, new product cycles, or monetizing underperforming assets to improve top line and margins.
ALLOCATE & MONITOR | We feel that we have a good sense of intrinsic value versus market value for our stocks and will trade accordingly.
Grinnell Capital, LLC

Grinnell Capital, LLC is a boutique asset management firm based in Park City, UT.