we think it's a stock picker's market
Active Investing is Back!

passive strategies & indexing may have worked over the last 20 years

Investors want returns.  
Producing returns requires extra diligence.
Active investing is a full-time discipline.

This is a regime change that warrants different investment strategies! Differentiate yourself with an active investment offering.

Offer your clients an active strategy while freeing up your time to run your business

Introducing our All Cap Core Models


The Momentum Model is our all-cap core strategy containing value and growth stocks. Inclusion is based on cyclical relevance and fundamentals. Each is weighted based on the macroeconomic environment. We pay close attention to elite growth opportunities. Given times of market stress, we deploy defensive positions in volatility & inverse ETFs as well as increase our cash position.

Typical Portfolio: 30-50 stocks or ETFs
Minimum: $100K
Fee: 0.5%

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Momentum ETF

Based on the same investment philosophy as the Momentum Model, but comprised only of ETFs- Exchange Traded Funds. This all-cap model targets specific sector opportunities based on global macroeconomic trends with a conscious effort to capitalize on elite growth scenarios. At various times the model may have exposure to international companies and volatility and/or inverse ETFs (as a defensive measure).

Typical Portfolio: 8-12 ETFs
Minimum: $2,500
Fee: 0.25%

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Meet Frank

Frank has over 20 years of investment experience, chiefly with major Wall Street firms where he spent his time finding suitable equity investments for his institutional client base.  Throughout those years Frank honed a method of portfolio management utilizing active investing, which he still uses today.  Frank’s mission is to help financial professionals achieve success in their businesses through active management. Frank enjoys skiing, biking, golfing, and being active with his wife, Dana, & their 3 kids.