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Active investing is back!

What are the challenges with a mostly passive strategy?

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In our opinion Indexes are not targeted enough to maximize opportunity
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Picking the right mutual fund is challenging let alone timing it right
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Hedge funds are expensive, may pose excessive risk, and can underperform

Passive has proven effective over the past decades, however as the global environment shifts we think there is a need for an active component to every investment strategy

Our Investment Philosophy

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Street Views

Video | Podcast

A weekly vodcast, in under 10 minutes, where we discuss timely thoughts on the market environment, offer key inflection points in sector & asset class trends, & help you hone your active management skills.

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Market Views  Newsletter

A bi-monthly newsletter with market updates designed to help you make informed investment decisions and industry topics to help you run your business.

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Holy Dichotomy!

The stock trader's almanac says that Santa should make an appearance in the form of continued stock gains for December.  Can the market look past declining growth in the US and take solace in a rate hiking cycle that is likely close to concluding?  We see some very encouraging trends within select components of the market.  We also see the potential for continued downside in areas of vulnerability.  How does all of this square?

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Active Investing is Back!

Much of the investing world has gone passive or indexed.  Why not, it's cheap, most active managers don’t outperform their benchmarks, and most importantly it has worked for 13 years!  We take a look at why the ride has been relatively smooth for passive management and why we believe the investment landscape has dramatically shifted.  We reveal why stock picking may be on the verge of a huge comeback and why investors may be moving away from passive/index investing.  The pendulum has reached its zenith and is headed back!

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Captain Macro!

As we close out 2022 on a historically weak note it is human nature to look forward with optimism and the clean slate associated with the turning of the calendar.  While there are many areas of investment that we are excited about, I fear that broad enthusiasm for equities could be premature.  As we have spoken and written about, we firmly believe that picking sectors, stocks, and geographies on a very selective basis will be the generator of alpha in 2023 and beyond.  Its time for hard work, which we believe, unfortunately, is not synonymous with passive investing.

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Our highest conviction ideas

A real-time delivery of our top stock & ETF ideas, complete with analysis and rationale in your inbox.

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Accelerator Model

This is an all-cap core strategy containing a portfolio of value and growth stocks.  Inclusion and relative weightings are based on business and economic cycles.  Given times of market stress,  defensive positions in volatility & inverse ETFs are utilized, as well as an increased cash position.

Structured as SMAs -seperately managed accounts.

Average Portfolio:
40-80 Stocks
0-10% ETF Weighting
2-6% Cash Weighting

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Based on the same investment philosophy as the Accelerator Model, but comprised only of ETFs- Exchange Traded Funds.  This all-cap model targets specific sector opportunities based on global macroeconomic trends with a conscious effort to capitalize on elite growth scenarios.  At various times the model may have exposure to international companies and volatility and/or inverse ETFs.

Average Portfolio:
8-15 ETFs
2-6% Cash Weighting

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